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Pneumatic conveying series
Tonnage bag dustless feeding station
CATEGORY:Pneumatic conveying series
PECULIARITY:Tonnage bag dustle...
TEL:159 0303 3385

product details:

    Dust-free feeding station can handle powder, granular and small pieces of tonnage bag disassembly and conveying operations. In addition, it is widely used in petrochemical industry, raw material medicine, plastics, carbon black, mining industry, food additives, cement and other industries. It has simple structure, low production cost, simple operation, high cost performance ratio, self-dust collection, so that dust does not fly.

Product characteristics:

1. The bag opening station is simple in structure and easy to operate.

2. The beating equipment can ensure the material from the big bag to the next step smoothly.
3. Closed bagging to prevent dust flying, improve working environment and reduce production costs;
4. Integrated design of bag opening, beating and dust collection, compact structure and convenient operation;
5. Pneumatic or electric control mode can be provided to realize remote monitoring.
6. Applicable conditions: large bags of powder and granular materials;

accessory project:

1. Material hopper, combined with glove box design, realizes 100% isolation of dust and gas from operators.
2. Matching filter dust collector, star unloading valve and other uniform unloading.
3. The beating device can be installed under the hopper to assist unloading.
4. Additionally, a weighing device is installed in the unloading bin, which can weigh the hopper material.
5. Screening, drying and packaging equipment can be connected according to the actual situation, and the drying and packaging of materials can be realized.

Structure elucidation:

1. Equipment bracket and guard plate;

2. Electric hoist; (also can use customer's own bicycle, forklift and other lifting equipment)
3. Ton bag hanger;
4. Bag clamping device;
5. Beating, vibration and magnetic separator (optional);
6. Buffer silo;

Workshop pictures:

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