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Henan Mingyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the research, design, manufacture, sale and service of mixing and mixing equipment, pneumatic conveying production line, various screening equipment and various conveying and conveying equipment. In addition, it undertakes unmanned mixing, conveying, storing, screening and packaging and fully automated production line. It is widely used in the industries of positive and negative ternary materials, medicine, chemical industry, food, intermediates and additives, etc. Especially in the field of mixing equipment and various mechanical pneumatic conveying production lines, it has skilled technical experience.
Based on the experience of manufacturing mixing equipment and various mechanical pneumatic conveying production lines, a fully automatic production line has been developed independently. A series of automatic production lines including automatic stacking, automatic conveying, automatic batching, automatic weighing mixing, automatic screening, automatic packaging and automatic stacking have been realized. With high-tech modern processing means, production technology strictly abides by the operating rules to ensure product quality and accumulate talents. We are constantly exploring new technology points, solving customer production problems, designing and providing suitable products, actively promoting advanced high-tech products, gradually replacing backward old equipment, improving user productivity and creating value for customers.The company has a variety of large-scale mechanical processing equipment, advanced computer-aided design system, a number of industry experts, and excellent corporate culture atmosphere, casting our excellent reputation in the market and solid position in the industry. Xinxiang Mingyang Machinery will always adhere to the quality policy of "improving quality, satisfying customers, perfecting system, pioneering and innovating". Under the banner of "honesty, cooperation, learning and innovation", Xinxiang Mingyang Machinery will develop and innovate, unite and forge ahead, strive for excellence, forge ahead, serve the society and continuously realize economic benefits.
Our aim is: "Science and technology create quality, service achieve the future"


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