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Pneumatic conveying series
Feeder separator
CATEGORY:Pneumatic conveying series
TEL:159 0303 3385

Material separator is an efficient conveying equipment developed independently for dust materials on the basis of advanced technology by our company. It has the advantages of high space utilization and good airtightness, and is widely used in the treatment of dust transportation. This system can effectively and forcefully remove fine dust on the surface of filter material and transport materials.

Working principle:

The equipment uses vacuum source as power for conveying and separating the feeder. Under the action of the main fan of the system, the material passes through the inlet and outlet and enters the feeder separator through the pipeline. Due to the slow flow rate, inertia and the self-weight of the material, the coarse dust falls directly into the silo, and other light and fine materials follow suit. The air flow is upward and adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter rod. After filtering by the filter rod, the clean gas is discharged through the outlet. There are two sets of filter elements in the equipment. They are the main filter element and the secondary filter element. With the continuous operation of the filtering and conveying conditions, the dust on the outside surface of the filter rod accumulates more and more, and the resistance of the equipment increases gradually. In order to ensure the normal operation of the system, after a set time, the equipment automatically cleans the filter rod by back-blowing, and the equipment at the same time. Continue to transport materials, cycle after cycle, material uninterrupted delivery to lower equipment.

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