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Hoisting conveying equipment
Screw feeder
CATEGORY:Hoisting conveying equipment
TEL:159 0303 3385

product details:

   The screw feeder is designed and manufactured according to the mechanical transmission principle that the material moves forward in the feeding tube in the form of relative sliding with the screw blade and the feeding tube under the action of the impetus of the blade when the screw rotates, the gravity of the material itself, the friction force between the material and the inner wall of the feeding tube and the internal friction force of the material.

Product characteristics

    1. Using the eccentric block fixed on the main shaft of the motor to rotate smoothly to produce the vibration of the material box, thus avoiding the bridging of materials with poor fluidity. The amplitude is adjustable and the excitation efficiency is high.

   2. The common design of feeding pipe and vibrating feeding box makes the machine run more smoothly.
    3. Use clamp to fix screw end seat, which is convenient for screw whole strip extraction and cleaning during disassembly.
    4. Fixed the soft interface with a divination hoop, which makes the disassembly quick and simple.
    5. Sensors and intelligent control circuits can be installed to control material level, automatic feeding or overload alarm.

Structural sketch:

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