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Pneumatic conveying series
Vacuum Feeding System of Mixer
CATEGORY:Pneumatic conveying series
PECULIARITY:Vacuum Feeding Sys...
TEL:159 0303 3385

   Vacuum feeder vacuum conveyor is used to realize full automation of mixer feeding. Production reduces dust pollution in workshop and labor intensity.

Performance introduction:

   The special vacuum feeder for mixer feeding can realize automatic feeding, and flange connection can avoid dust leakage during mixer mixing. The unique nitrogen supplementary device can be used in chemical plants with high explosion-proof requirements. The vacuum feeder has been widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, new materials and other industries.

Working principle:

A) Vacuum pumps produce vacuum through the separation container of the vacuum conveying equipment. Material is sucked from the feed port through the suction hose and the suction port.
B) Separate air and material in the filter bin of the separation container, and collect the material in the bin. The cyclone separator prevents fine powder from entering the filter to improve the efficiency of the filter.
C) When the silo is full of material, the vacuum pump closes automatically and the pressure in the conveying equipment reaches balance. The discharging valve opens, and the material is discharged through the discharging port and directly falls into the storage container.

Product characteristics:

    The whole conveying process is completely completed in a sealed state, eliminating dust pollution and damage to the working environment, surrounding environment and operators. Fully automatic control, eliminating errors caused by personnel operation. Strong applicability can be used with a variety of equipment to feed. No moving parts, low maintenance cost, fast card connection, easy cleaning.

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