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Pneumatic conveying series
Small bag dustless feeding station
CATEGORY:Pneumatic conveying series
PECULIARITY:Small bag dustless...
TEL:159 0303 3385

Product Description:

    Small bag feeding station is also known as dust-free feeding station. The equipment is suitable for powder and particulate matter feeding and unloading in small and medium bags. Dust fly ash is collected and unloaded through the top dust collector fan, and the effect of dust removal is remarkable. Vibration assisted cutting through bottom vibration facility.

Working principle:

1. When the small and medium bags of powder materials need to be unpacked and poured into the next process, only manual direct unpacking is needed and then put into the system. The dust generated during the feeding is collected by the dust collector.
2. Material can be intercepted by a vibrator (safety screen) to ensure that the particles meet the requirements are discharged.

Product characteristics:

1. The equipment has the function of dust removal, which can prevent dust from flying in the process of bagging and feeding, and reduce material loss.
2. Vibrating screen can be installed in the dust collecting and bagging station to remove foreign matter effectively.
3. Intelligent control is adopted for the equipment, which is highly automated and easy to operate.
Product application:

     Applicable to food, pharmaceutical production lines, mixers, tablet presses, ingredients, Chinese medicine pretreatment process in unpacking and pouring materials and spraying powder, metallurgy, casting, sand blasting, chemical industry, cement building materials, mechanical processing refractories, carbon materials, food processing, asbestos products processing, mining and so on.

Structure elucidation:

    It is composed of manual unloading bin, pressure-proof feeding platform, grille, unloading bin, vibrator, filtering system, dust collecting system, back-blowing air bag and other components.

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