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Machine video:

    In the extrusion processing industry of PVC, the traditional mixing methods are: hot mixing, cold mixing and artificial mixing and transportation. With the continuous expansion of enterprise production scale, this method can not meet the needs of mass production.
At present, a better solution is to take the computer-controlled automatic batching system as the core, supplemented by pneumatic conveying, and then combined with hot and cold mixers to form a complete production line of PVC batching and mixing. Compared with traditional methods, the new scheme has many obvious advantages, including:
1. The automatic batching system controlled by computer improves the accuracy of batching and solves the problems of complicated manual batching, material loss and chemical hazards to operators.
2. Efficient pneumatic conveying system replaces the heavy labor in the process of mass material handling and improves the production efficiency.
3. Material treatment process is completely carried out in closed pipeline, which avoids the pollution of dust to workshop environment and the harm to workers.
4. Material preparation and treatment process is more centralized and efficient, and the output is higher, which can fully meet the needs of mass production.

Working principle:

    According to the difference of final products, it is usually necessary to add various solid or liquid additives to PVC resin, such as heat stabilizer, lubricant, plasticizer and colorant, and to mix and absorb the components with the resin at a certain temperature, so as to obtain materials with accurate proportion, uniform mixing and adequate absorption, which is the premise of producing high-quality products. Obviously, the batching process is a time-consuming, complex and demanding stage in the whole material preparation process. Therefore, in modern batching technology, there is no exception to the use of computer-controlled multi-component automatic weighing and measuring system.
In fact, the batching process is to deal with the proportion of components, so the measurement of materials is the core of batching. Generally, there are two ways of measurement: volume measurement and weight measurement. Among them, the weight measurement is more accurate, reliable and widely used because of the use of high-precision weight sensors for direct measurement of materials. According to different weighing principles, weight measurement can be divided into three types: batch cumulative weighting, weightlessness weighing and continuous weighing of materials in flowing process. Among them, the most suitable blending method for PVC is batch cumulative weight, because this method is very harmonious with the working mode of batch mixer.
In short, with the development of China's plastics industry and the continuous expansion of enterprise production scale, advanced material pretreatment system will be widely used. It is believed that domestic equipment manufacturers will be able to provide advanced and reliable equipment for such applications.

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