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Pneumatic conveying series
Barotropic dilute phase pneumatic conveying
CATEGORY:Pneumatic conveying series
PECULIARITY:Barotropic dilute ...
TEL:159 0303 3385

    Dilute-phase pneumatic conveying is a general term for continuous clearance-free conveying mode in which the pressure of the whole pipeline system is greater than the local pressure. Gas pressure is less than 0.1 Mpa. The main characteristics of barotropic dilute phase conveying are large conveying capacity, long conveying distance and stable operation.

Machine video:

Working principle:

    The roots blower is usually used as the power source for positive pressure pneumatic conveying. The outlet of the blower is cooled down to the appropriate temperature. After further filtering, the gas is mixed with the material in the mixing chamber. The material is suspended in the pipeline. After the mixture enters the separation equipment, the material is separated and the gas is discharged.

Product characteristics: 
1. Transport distance is long, generally low-pressure dilute phase can send 10-300 m distance;
2. The energy consumption of power source is lower than that of negative pressure and dilute phase.
3. Multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading;
4. It is easy to realize automation when equipped with microelectronic automatic control device.
5. Very reliable, less maintenance system;
6. Sealed and leak-free, energy-saving, beautifying the environment.

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