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MINGYANG MACHINERY customer service

Field service:
    The company guarantees that the equipment and products provided meet the relevant national standards, and that the goods are brand-new, unused and fully meet the required quality, specifications and performance requirements. We guarantee that the goods have satisfactory performance during their service life under the conditions of correct installation, normal use and maintenance. During the warranty period, our company is responsible for any deficiencies or failures caused by defects in design, process or materials.
After-sale service:
   (1) Fault response time: Fault response time is 24 hours to arrive at the scene to solve the problem.
   (2) Service mode: Our company is responsible for providing technical support related to products to users.
   (3) During the product quality assurance period, we are responsible for the quality of the product and bear all economic losses caused by non-human or natural disasters; after the product exceeds the quality assurance period, the product failures need to be maintained, and our company is responsible for free maintenance. In strict accordance with the tender documents, relevant provisions and contracts, we shall conscientiously perform our responsibilities and obligations.
   (4) Guarantee that the goods supplied are all new original goods of the manufacturer's regular channel and fully meet the quality, specifications and performance requirements stipulated in the contract.


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